High Quality Aesthetics in Ashland, Oregon

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  As you relax in your organic facial and micro-current skin care session, my focus is on what best supports you in the moment. I’ve been caring for skin for over two decades and in skincare-office-rural-settingthat time have become aware of major distinctions that can benefit and enhance your skin both immediately and into the future.

Working from extensive palette of health promoting, organic facial products, I have an abundance of choice from which to create customized skin care that addresses all desires you may have for your skin. You get to bask in the calmness and beauty of the comfortable space I provide as I give you the personalized care and nurturing that you deserve.

I truly believe that, in the words of Kahlil Gibran,



 It is my joy and pleasure to present my skincare practice and I look forward to serving you. invitation- to-blog